New Ex-protected video-endoscope successfully tested in LyondellBasell's PP-plant in Ferrara (Italy)

21. Feb 2018

MSE Meili's new and award-winning video-endoscope 'Labasys® Process Scope' has been tong-term tested for 2 years in LyondellBasell's PP-Plant in Ferrara. It allows for the first time to look directly into an operating Spherizone PP-plant (Pressure: 30 bar, Temperature: 100°C) and delivers valuable insights to better control the process!

Enrico Balestra, Process Engineer at LyondellBasell R&D Center in Ferrara says:

«The new 'Labasys® Process Scope' let us let us for the first time look into an operational Spherizone process and watch the PP particle grow directly - key information to better control our process.»


Live-video showing PP-Particles moving downwards in a PP-Reactor.

Key Features & Applications
The Labasys® Process Scope is Ex-protected, designed for high pressures & temperatures (Pressures: ≤ 65 bar, Temperatures ≤ 135°C, with cooling-jacket up to 1200°C possible) and suitable for a wide spectrum of applications both in production plants and industrial R&D, as e.g. in:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Chemical Process-Industry
  • Coal-Industry
  • Cement-/Ceramics-Industry
  • Iron-/Steel-industry
  • Nuclear-Industry
  • etc. 


Contact us and/or fill out the LPS-Questionnaire and send it back to us.

We will be happy to learn more about your application!

Powerful Video Management Software & Image Analysis Modules
The powerful and user-friendly Video Management Software and real-time image-analysis modules enable you to measure various critical process quantities, as e.g.:

  • particle sizes
  • particle morphology
  • particle velocity
  • flow structure
  • etc.

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