Labasys® Process Scope

Industrial endoscope
  • for in-line process monitoring & control
  • live video-image and real time image analysis
  • for high pressures and temperatures
  • for 7x24 h operation
  • Ex- proof for zones 1/21 (tip), resp. 2/22 (body)
    as II 2/3 GD pzc op is IIC T4 Gb/Gc, IP 67 (if purge gas exit closed),
    CE mark
  • Process Conditions (at instrument Tip) :
    - operating / max. temperature: -50 - 100 °C / 150 °C
    (with cooling jacket process temperatures up to 1200°C possible)
    - operating / max. pressure: <= 42 bar / 65 bar
    (higher pressures feasable upon demand)
  • Evironmental Conditons (at instrument body):
    - temperature -10 to 50 °C 
    - humidity: 0-99% non-condensing

For further details regarding material, dimensions, power supply, connector, illumination etc. please refer to the factsheet. You can download the factsheet and questionnare further below on this page.

  • Ex- proof for zones 0 (tip) and zones 1 (body)
  • various cameras with differenz frame rates, resolutions, monochrome or color etc.
  • remote control of focus, zoom, and LED itensity
  • Instrument tip for higher temperature or pressure, different materials
  • models with other specifications upon request
Ready to use system consists of: 
  • Industrial Endoscope 'Labasys® Process Scope'
  • Industrial PC with powerful Video Management Software (MSE VMS)
  • Image Analysis Modules acc. to your needs
    (e.g. PSD, Velocity, Morphology, ...)
LPS components
Video Management Software

  • display of live video on several screens
  • sustained loss-less recording for 10-50 days
  • robust management system for video data
  • playback of recorded data on user-friendly vido player (simultaneous with recording)
  • etc.
Image Analysis Modules
Modules for e.g.
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD)  
  • Morphology Parameters
  • Velocity
  • Detection of impurities, bubbles  
  • etc.
LPS at LYB Ferrara/Italy

Successfully tested by LyondellBasell

«The new 'Labasys® Process Scope' let us let us for the first time look into an operational 'Spherizone' process and watch the PP particle grow directly - key information to better control our process.»

Enrico Balestra, Process Engineer LyondellBasell R&D Center Ferrara / Italy.

IVS award

Winner of the 'Innovation Award'

The 'Labasys® Process Scope' wins the 'Innovation Award 2015' sponsored by the banks located in Schaffhausen and the 'Industrievereinigung Schaffhausen'.

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  • any kind of industrial process to be monitored, in particular multiphase flows at high pressures and temperatures and high availability and security requirements in industrial plants, pilot plants or R&D
Sectors / Industries:
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Chemical Process-Industry
  • Coal-Industry
  • Cement/Ceramics-Industry
  • Iron- and Steel industry
  • Nuclear-Industry
  • ... and many more
Typical Processes:
  • FCC cracking, Polyolefin (PP/PE) production, Circulating fluidized bed's (CFB's), ...

Your application: ...?

  • look directly into your process at high temperatur, high pressure and required Explosion protection, where viewing windos are not possible
  • monitor the reaction progress, its behavior and state of the reaction materials
  • early detection of product agglomeration, blockage, jam, perturbations, contaminations, impurities, ...
  • enables you to optimize your process
Reduced Costs, Higher Profits due to
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Lower Raw Materials Consumption
  • Less Waste Production
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Higher Plant Availability
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Safety
  • Higher Automation Level
  • Higher Production Rates


If you have any questions about the product, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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