Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow'

Fiber optical measuring system for in-line determination of the velocity of bulk material flowing in a tube or reactor:
  • in-line velocity determination of particulate bulk solids material
  • explosion protected for zones 0/1 gas and 20/21 dust:
    IECEx SEV 19.0027 / SEV 19 ATEX 0161
    Ex II 1/2 G Ex op is / db IIC T6 (T4) Ga/Gb
    Ex II 1/2 D Ex op is / tb IIIC T80°C (T120°) Da/Db
    (values in brackets: with water-cooler), CE mark.
  • tip with sapphire window at front build for harsh process conditions and high pressures
  • tip with dual sealing barrier towards process - leak-proof even if sapphire window broken
  • high sensitivity and accuracy
  • outer parts completely in chromium-nickel steel
  • dimensions probe tip and process connection upon customer specification
  • unique algorithm for real-time detection of non-moving flows corresponding to a velocity of zero available
  • approved by LyondellBasell for the velocity measurement in the recirculation loop of the 'multi-zone circulating reactor' MZCR of their Spherizone (PP) & Hyperzone (PE) process
  • velocity: 0.1 – 20 m/s (non bulk flows: 100 m/s)
  • flow structure: moving particulate beds
  • process conditions tip (opr. = 'operating'):
    - operating / max. temperature:  -50 - 100 °C / 200 °C
    - operating / max. pressure: ≤ 42 bar / 52 bar
    (press. depending on specs. connector; max.: 1 h)
  • environmental conditions instrument:
    - temperature: - -10 to 40 °C without cooler / - ≤ 80 °C with cooler
    - humidity: 0-99% non-condensing
  • enclosure: IP69 tip, IP67 instrument
  • material: stainless steel 1.4404/1.4435
  • power: +5/±12 V DC with Labasys® Power Control LPC, 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 18 W
  • connector: 1" RF 600 (ASME B 16.5) or alike – upon customer specification
  • connection to PCS: via OPC–server on analysis PC or 4-20 mA output signal with analogue output board
  • Laser-light: laser class: 3R, λ=650-670 nm, PcW < 2 mW

For further details regarding material, dimensions please refer to the factsheet. You can download the factsheet at the end of this page.

  • water cooler for instrument; necessary for ambient temperatures of 40°C and higher (connection: G1/4", other connectors with corresponding adapters).
  • Instrument tips for higher temperatures or pressures; other materials

Models with other specifications upon request.

  • System consists of:
  • industrial LCE BF instrument
  • cabinet with Industrial PC
  • spare parts & special tools
  • data aquisition and analysis software
  • cables, connection to PCS
  • other accessories
  • Data aquisition and analysis software 
Exemplary Velocity Data Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow'

Exemplary Velocity Data

The shift connector allows to shift the tip of your Labasys® Control Ex 'Bulk-Flow' instrument to different measuring position in an operational and thus pressurized Spherizone plant. Lets you  monitor the velocity of your bulk flow at different positions with only one instrument. 
Animation of 'Shift Connector' operated by a hydraulic hand pump.
Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow'

Approved by LyondellBasell for the velocity measurement  in the recirculation loop of the 'multi-zone circulating reactor' MZCR of their Spherizone (PP) & Hyperzone (PE) process.

Any kind of particulate bulk material flows in tubes or reactors with known direction of solid/gas or solid/liquid systems, e.g.:
  • Recirculation rate of polymer material in MZCR reactor of Spherizone (PP) & Hyperzone (PE) process 
  • Solids transport loops in Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in carbonate, calciner thermal loop or in the oxygen transport loop.
  • Your application: . . . ?
Reduced Costs, Higher Profits due to
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Lower Raw Materials Consumption
  • Less Waste Production
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Higher Plant Availability
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Safety
  • Higher Automation Level
  • Higher Production Rates

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