About us

MSE Meili is a specialist for multiphase flow instrumentation. We develop & manufacture reliable and accurate instruments and measuring systems for in-line process monitoring & control.

Our expertise ranges from  in-line determination of solids concentration and velocity  to high  quality live video image and real-time image analysis. 
Our systems are designed for demanding applications with highest availability and safety requirements,  high pressures, temperatures and hazardous environments, including explosion protection.

Our systems benefit many industrial multiphase flow applications worldwide, ranging from the oil & gas industry to the chemical industry and the energy producing industry to steel and cement industry. Our instruments & measuring systems are used in large-scale production plants, pilot plants and R&D and provide the basis for process intensification, process optimisation and early detection of many kind of malfunction and damages. 


MSE Meili – Multiphase Systems Engineering was founded in 1995 by Dr. Reto T. Meili as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

From its foundation until 2011 MSE Meili Ltd. was located at the Technopark in Zurich. In 2011 MSE Meili moved to Schaffhausen with premises at Rheinweg 1 (office) and Rheinweg 21 (workshop).

In 2017 Regula Meili (Dipl. phys ETH, Executive MBA University of St. Gallen) joined MSE Meili after many years of experience in industry, online business and marketing.

MSE Meili is a privately owned company, its team consists of development engineers & instrument specialists for assembling and maintenance.       



Dr. Reto T. Meili

CEO & Owner
dipl. Ing.ETH


Regula Meili

Business Development & Marketing
Dipl. phys. ETH / Executive MBA University of St. Gallen

+ TEAM consisting of
- Development Engineers
- Instrument Specialists

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