Jingbian Chemical Industrial Park in Yulin, Shaanxi Province / China

04. Jan 2019

MSE Meili has been awarded the contract to deliver ‘Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow' measuring system for a new 400KTA PP-plant in the Jingbian Chemical Industrial Park in Yulin City, Shaanxi Provice / China.

Shaanxi Coal Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. has selected LyondellBasell’s Spherizone technology to be used Jingbian Chemical Industrial Park in Yulin.

MSE Meili's ‘Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow' measuring system will be used to measure in-line the recirculation rate of the polymer material in the Spherizone multi-zone circulating reactor (MZCR).

LyondellBasell’s Spherizone process is one of the newest and most advanced polypropylene technologies. Unlike other PP process technologies it also allows for the production of entirely new families of propylene-based polymers using its unique multi-zone circulating reactor system. The Yulin plant will be the fourteenth plant in the world to be licensed under the Spherizone technology since its commercial launch in 2006.

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