MSE Meili Ltd. - Well positioned for Process-Industry 4.0 (economic journal 'SH Wirtschaft')

29. Sep 2017

The article summarizes and acknowledges the developments and projects of MSE Meili of the last few years. A special focus is thereby given to the new measuring system Labasys® Process Scope, that has been awarded in 2015 and corresponding trends and developments in the area of process-industry 4.0.

Measuring systems as the Labasys® Control Ex ‘Bulk-Flow' for example enable already since many years customers of MSE Meili to control and monitor production processes at very demanding process conditions (i.e. high pressures, temperatures and hazardous environments, including explosion protection). 

One of the unique properties of the new Labasys® Process Scope lies now in bringing together the above profound expertise in the development of multiphase-flow instrumentation for highest savety and availability requirements with high-end endoscopy and future-oriented technologies as live video-imaging and real-time image analysis.

This combination brings new opportunities in process monitoring, control and automation not only to alreadyexisting customers of MSE Meilibut also extends the area of potential applications to a wide range of new industries and applications.


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